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**We have a security door at the front of our building. ANYONE who enters our building has to be let in by a staff member. We also have cameras in every room and outside.**

Due to COVID-19, we are not allowing parents or guardians past the front entrance at this time.

Our Classrooms




This is our Infant room for children 6 weeks old to 12 months. Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum and follows weekly lesson plans. The teachers focus on developmentally appropriate activities in their curriculum while offering a loving and educational environment. This class generally can have up to 6 infants and 2 teachers.


One year olds

This room is for ages 12 months to 24 months old. This classroom uses the Creative Curriculum as well. These children learn through play as well as through group activities. The teacher in this class focuses on what is developmentally appropriate, shows them love and a caring environment while encouraging a love for learning.

This class has 6 students and 1 teacher.

Two year olds

We use the Creative Curriculum for our two-year-old class as well. We have fun, do arts and craft projects and learn through play. This class also enjoys group learning activities and some individualized learning with the help of a floater.

This class has 7 students and 1 teacher.

Three Year olds

Our three year old class is a great space for learning and playing. This classroom uses the Creative Curriculum. We offer fun learning activities that keep the children interested and prepare them for our 3-K class. This class has a max of 8 students and 1 teacher.


Our Three-K class is for students who are older 3 year olds and 4 year olds who's birthdates miss the cut-off for Pre-K. We use the Creative Curriculum to prepare the students for Pre-K.

Private Pre-K

* Due to staffing shortage, we are not able to offer our Private Pre-K at this time.

Our Private Pre-K class is a small class that allows for more one on one and individualization to promote developmental growth and a positive learning environment. This classroom uses the Creative Curriculum and prepares our students for Kindergarten.

Our Private Pre-K class has a max of 12 students and 1 teacher.


This room if for our school age students from grades Pre-K-3rd grade. We offer before and after care during the school year as well as a summer program with limited availability.

Our outdoor playground provides many different options for physical activities. We have age-appropriate equipment on our playground for each age group at Oologah Academy.

Outdoor Classroom

 The outdoor classroom is available for the teachers and students to take the classroom learning experience outdoors. Our outdoor classroom has a sand box, a mud kitchen, a dirt table, a water wall, and much more to allow our students to explore learning outside.

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